1280px Portico di Ottavia RomeLike with [our kid friendly tour in central Rome], this walk will be gving you the chance to observe layers upon layers of history working together to become the fascinating city of Rome. You’ll stroll right outside the Marcellus Theater, a smaller Colosseum that was later transformed into a lavish palace starting from the Middle Ages: it went to become the mansion of several noble families. From there you’ll learn about the tragic history of the Jewish Ghetto, you’ll be able to walk by the oldest synagogue in Italy with its incredible museum and will walk to the island in the middle of the Tiber, the Isola Tiberina.

Crossing the river, you will enter the Trastevere neighborhood, once considered in a sickly part of the city, so much so that convicts and mentally ill were sent to die here: now it’s one of the most authentic, preserved areas of Rome.

For a different walking tour of Trastevere, read [HERE].

This tour is roughly 4 hours long, not including the visit to the Synagogue or the attached museum.

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