Mithraeum San Clemente RomIt is estimated that a mind-bending 50% of Roman ruins is still underground and waiting to be unearthed. While this may be true, it is still possible to visit - in a completely safe environment - some of the most surprising and fascinating underground sites in Rome: this walking tour will take you to the Caelian Houses and the Basilica at San Clemente, both close to the Palatine Hill, Circus Maximus and Colosseum, and easily reachable by a tramway or subway ride.

The Caelian Houses were dug at the end of the 19th century below the church of St. John and Paul: comparable to today’s apartments or condos, these offer a unique possibility of understanding the daily life of ancient Romans.

St. Clemente Basilica allows visitors to see a 4th century church, a 2nd century Mithraic temple, a 1st century Roman street and an underground river…

All on top of each other. This tour is roughly 3 hours long.

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(The picture at the top of this post comes courtesy of Wikipedia user Ice Boy Tell through a Creative Commons License)

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