RomanKids has partnered with some of Rome’s leading professionals for one of the most popular trends in tourism! You’ll see forums and guides alike packed with similar offers: when visiting a new country or city that is known for the stellar level of its food scene, you’ll be allow to cook with actual chefs. You will assist them and operate like a true professional, while developing your passion and learning new skills (and cooking techniques!) in the process.

And for a complete food adventure, you can even buy your groceries.

In cities like Rome, this gets even more exciting, as you are made to prepare pizza or pasta, among many other specialties. At RomanKids we can put you in touch with reputable cooks who will extend this type of experience to include the whole of your family, including your children.

Everyone will lend a hand and have a role in the preparation of the food! And the great thing is, you get to eat what you just cooked! The chefs can come at your accommodation in the city, and they’ll bring the necessary items along so you don’t have to buy anything yourself.

Ask us for more details or our best quote, which will vary depending on the number of children in your family.


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