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The Luneur: the oldest amusement park of Rome

The Luneur: the oldest amusement park of Rome

Dating back to 1953, the Luneur has been for many decades the only amusement park and arcade of Rome, and the oldest in Italy!

After several years of decline - thanks to newest, fanciest competitors sprouting up all over town - it was sadly shut down in 2008. The Luneur finally reopened after a massive series of works to the historic rides and a few nostalgic - no doubt - investors stepping in to bring it back to life: it came back at the end of October, with a few of the original (in every sense of the word) attractions still intact and many more new ones (including a bamboo tunnel, a Wizard of Oz-style farm and a seven hectares park. 

Closing down for two months in the second week of January, the Luneur also incorporates water rides and ponds for kids visiting in the summer, and it remains the closest amusement park to the center of Rome, being in the fascinating EUR district, easily reachable by bus or subway.


Luneur Park - via delle Tre Fontane, 100 - Roma 
+39 345 143 7055 -

Step free access available. Cafeteria available. Restaurants available. Inquire with the infoline or on the official website for assistance in English. 

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