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Playing with science at Technotown

In the historical site that is the Villa Torlonia park (once the mansion of the Mussolini family), one of the buildings of the Villa hosts Technotown.

This is a kind of unique space in Rome, in that it pushes kids to experience every kind of available technology, from programming to multimedia, from robotics to graphics.

The nine halls of this structure are mostly used as labs for communal activities for kids, but they will still be able to enjoy the inflatable planetarium (see our post!) or the LEGO Education Innovation Studio present inside Technotown. We suggest you contact the offices at Technotown to inquire about activities for English-speaking children.

Technotown - Villino Medioevale a Villa Torlonia - via Lazzaro Spallanzani 1/A +39 060608 -


Step free access available. Cafeteria and restaurant available (La Limonaia). Bookshop available. Workshops and courses require booking. Inquire with the museum offices for assistance in English and for the availability of English-spoken activities. 

Location (Map)

Villa Torlonia, 00161 Roma, Italy
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