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Itinerary: Rome in five days

Itinerary: Rome in five days

If you've read through our itineraries of Rome and its specific areas you will, by now, have built your own personal circuit through the city. Still, let us give you some more pointers with this one "relaxed" schedule!

Day One and Two: Refer to our own "Rome in two days" or "Rome in one day" itinerary to visit both the Vatican Museums and its surroundings and the Colosseum/Forum/Palatine Hill and the areas around those.

Day Three: after that much walking, this is a good time to have your older kids decide what they want to do by picking their destination on a city map.

Or, you could allow a day to just wander around, enjoying the many parks of Rome, maybe doing something as a family like visiting an amusement park or the Bioparco. 

Day Four: have you already visited Trastevere? Go for our own self guided itinerary, pick one of RomanKids' recommended tours [LINK] or go on your own: this destination will allow to visit many more areas of the city center, including the Jewish Ghetto, the Largo di Torre Argentina area, the Pantheon, via Giulia and Campo de' Fiori!

Day Five: a great time to, again, unwind, possibly with a day-trip. You could go for Lake Bracciano, one hour North of the city, or choose a different destination. Rome is ideally located and allows you to reach several major cities in no time: Florence, Naples (with Pompeii), Bologna or Umbria are just a (high-speed) train ride away! We recommend you check RomanKids' day-trips service [LINK], for ease of mind, or you can research your preferred destination!





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