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English Language Movies in Rome

English Language Movies in Rome

The number of expats in Rome is so high that they need constant source of entertainment as to not feel left out from the current cultural scene - it’s only obvious.

So most cinema circuits in Rome routinely include showings in English for the most anticipated movies of the season. You won’t be able to see every single title coming out, that is, but if you’re after a blockbuster or a very well received new opening, chances are you can see it with your kids right in the city!

Watch out for calendars for the cinema you’re interested in (there’s several websites offering schedules), though: most English showings only last a day and are listed often as “VERS. ORIG.” or “VERS. INGL.” to indicate a non-dubbed version.

Cinemas working for expats include (but are not limited to): Barberini, Lux, Odeon, Nuovo Olimpia, UCI Cinemas circuit.

Second-run films in original language are also a thing and are shown in clubs like Il Kino (Pigneto district) or Filmstudio (Trastevere district), while open air cinemas are a common occurrence both in the center of the city and in the suburbs during the summer season: called “arena” in Italian, which in no way means a fight is going to go off there!, you can find different offerings at La Casa del Cinema in the Villa Borghese park, at L’Isola del Cinema in the middle of the Tiber river, right between Trastevere and the Jewish Ghetto, at the Monk Club (Portonaccio district). These are seasonal events, so more arene are bound to be set up in other neighborhoods when summer comes along.


Movies in other languages other than English are also shown: often at the Cinema dei Piccoli, Villa Medici or at the Cultural Centre Saint Louis de France, near the Senate building.

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