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A classic for all kids: Museo delle Cere (Waxwork Museum)

Like most tourist destinations, even Rome has its very own waxwork museum. And you’re bound to walk by it sooner rather than later!

At the very end of piazza dei Santissimi Apostoli, just a short and convenient distance from piazza Venezia, via del Corso, the Capitoline Hill or even the Quirinal Hill, the Museo delle Cere is a private institution, said to be hosting the world’s third-largest waxwork collection. It includes more than 250 statues, including the figures of Leonardo da Vinci, famous Italian contemporaries like Andrea Bocelli or rock musician Luciano Ligabue, along with “odder” personalities, like Adolf Hitler or Barack Obama.

When you’ve exhausted all other landmarks in the city and think you need a quick visit to something that your kids will probably enjoy more than a proper museum, this could be a good alternative.


Museo delle Cere - Piazza Dei Santi Apostoli, 68


+39 066796482 -

Inquire with the museum office regarding step free access. Cafeterias as well as several restaurants are available around the piazza and surrounding streets and alleys.

Location (Map)

Piazza Santi Apostoli, 00187 Roma, Italy
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